Grant Dorman For Assessor

“If I earn your vote for Bonner County Assessoor, I commit to having an open-door policy in a respectful, non-confrontational manner. I will also gladly assist homeowners who wish to appeal their appraisals to the Board of Equalization.”

Grant Dorman

Respect for:

  • Privacy

  • Property Rights

  • People


  • BA in Land Surveying

  • Professional Land Surveyer

  • Masters, Business Admin.

  • Business Owner

  • Navy, Air Traffic Controller


  • Boy Scout Troop 111 – Sandpoint; Chaplain, Counselor, Both Sons Earned Eagle Scout

  • Board Treasurer; Residencia de Vida – Costa Rica

  • Project Manager – Engineering Ministries Int’l

For Grant, it all starts with respect

Citizens deserve respect from their government services, and Grant will ensure the community receives it.


Respect is the key to good Customer Service. Grant will bring needed respect from Government Service in important areas.



Privacy is important for your comfort and security. Grant will work to ensure that you are aware that your property is being appraised.


Property rights are fundamental to the pursuit of happiness. Grant will ensure your property is appraised and assessed fairly, and will help you with equalization if necessary.


As an elected official Grant understands that he works for the people. He will ensure you are treated with respect and courtesy.
He will help you understand how your assessment affects your property tax bill.