About Grant

Meet Grant

My name is Grant Dorman and I love this country which God has entrusted to us. When I joined the US Navy as a teenager I swore to uphold and defend the constitution, an oath which means no less to me today than it did 32 years ago.

When conceiving the Constitution, our founders considered property ownership akin to the pursuit of happiness itself.

As a land surveyor for 25 years, I have become impassioned with the preservation of property rights for all land owners and emboldened to keep those rights from being stripped away. I have always encouraged my clients to be aware that their property rights are only secure to the extent that they protect them.

I will bring the same perspective to the office of Assessor to evaluate properties fairly and with the utmost respect for the owners and residents.

“The government you elect is the government you deserve” ~Thomas Jefferson

Qualified and Experienced Leadership

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Land Surveying
  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyor
    • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
    • Public Utilities
    • Forestry
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Private Property Advocate
  • Successful Small Business Owner
  • US Navy Air Traffic Controller
  • Conservative Christian

Volunteer Service

  • Boy Scout Troop 111 – Sandpoint, ID
    • Chaplain
    • Family Life Merit Badge Counselor
    • Both Sons Earned Eagle Scout
  • Board Treasurer
    • Residencia de Vida – Costa Rica
  • Project Manager – Engineering Ministries Int’l